The Grand Budapest Hotel : Amazing Backstories

By by Ashley Hoffman

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So you’ve had the weekend to escape into another Wes Anderson-ian fantasy by watching The Grand Budapest Hotel. You’ve commissioned a Boy With Applepainting knockoff, and you’re still searching for L’Air de Panache on Etsy. It’s cool. We’ve been daydreaming about all those amazing props in the movie, too, so we grabbed the film’s prop master, Robin L. Miller, on the phone to give us the lowdown behind the film’s stand-out pieces. Many of the movie’s props get their own close-up shots — we know Wes Anderson’s serious about his stuff — and it turns out, he’s as obsessive in his devotion to perfecting every object as you’d expect. “He is an absolute part of every step,” Miller says of working with the auteur. “You have to come up with what he has in his imagination and believe me, it is quite a process. Everything has his touch.”

Ranging from the beautiful (Lust-worthy pastries! Prada luggage! Perfume bottles!) to the bloody (the “throat slitter,” brass knuckles with skulls, a dead cat), most of the props underwent an extensive development process with prototypes and several revisions. And, according to Miller, Anderson wanted local craftsmen from the historic town where they filmed (Gorlitz, Germany) to create pieces whenever possible. From getting a local chef to serve up a thousand of those pastel confections Agatha kept churning out to working with a world-renowned designer, Miller gives us the backstory behind the ten most scene-stealing props used in the film.

AgathasNecklace copy.jpg

(Photo courtesy of The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Agatha’s Necklace


(Photo courtesy of The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Prada Luggage


(Photo courtesy of The Grand Budapest Hotel)

L’air de Panache Cologne


(Photo courtesy of The Grand Budapest Hotel)




(Photo courtesy of The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Courtesan au Chocolat Pastries

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Boy with Apple Painting


(Photo courtesy of The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Brass Knuckles

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 2.21.24 PM.png

Throat Slitter


(Photo courtesy of The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Digging Tools


(Photo courtesy of The Grand Budapest Hotel)

The Cat