Music: Dalida, Bang Bang


Bang Bang

I remember when we
Were just two kids
How we would point our finger guns
From our rocking horses

Bang, Bang
I shoot at you bang, bang
You shoot at me bang, bang
And whoever strikes at the heart
Wins bang, bang

Years passed by and then
We fell in love
We would run through the meadows
And you would joke with me

Bang, bang just for laughs
Bang, Bang you used to shoot at me
And whoever strikes at the heart
Wins bang, bang

Of course you weren’t joking
When you shot at my heart
Your shot was never off
Take a shot at denying it, if you can

Now you no longer love me
And I felt a shot to the heart
When you told me that
You don’t want to be with me

Bang, Bang and here I remain
Bang, Bang Crying
Bang Bang I won
Bang Bang I’ve lost my heart

Now when I look around
And see children playing,
Pretending to shoot
O how my heart aches

Bang, Bang
I see you one again bang, bang
Shooting at me bang, bang
You know that sound bang, bang
I will never forget it

Translation of “Bang Bang” by Dalida from Italian to English