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그날의 분위기, 2016


Finding Vivian Maier, 2013

Finding Vivian Maier is a 2013 American documentary film about the photographer Vivian Maier,written, directed and produced by John Maloof and Charlie Siskel.[3][4][5][6][7][8] Maier’s photographic legacy was largely unknown during her lifetime. The… Continue reading

Maps to the Stars, 2014

Maps to the Stars is a 2014 satiricaldrama film directed by David Cronenberg, and starring Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, John Cusack, Robert Pattinson, Olivia Williams, Sarah Gadon, and Evan Bird.[9][10][11] The screenplay was… Continue reading

Posters : Heartbeats, 2010

Heartbeats (French: Les Amours imaginaires) is a 2010 Canadian drama film directed by Xavier Dolan. It follows the story of two friends who both fall in love with the same man. It premiered… Continue reading

Kill Your Darlings, 2013

Kill Your Darlings is a 2013 American biographical drama film written by Austin Bunn and directed byJohn Krokidas in his feature film directorial debut. The film had its world premiere at the 2013… Continue reading

Howl, 2010

Howl is a 2010 American experimental film which explores both the Six Gallery debut and the 1957 obscenity trial of 20th-century American poet Allen Ginsberg‘s noted poem Howl. The film is written and… Continue reading

Pull My Daisy, 1959

Pull My Daisy (1959) is a short film that typifies the Beat Generation. Directed by Robert Frank and Alfred Leslie, Daisy was adapted by Jack Kerouac from the third act of his play,… Continue reading

George Harrison Documentary

George Harrison: Living In The Material World, 2011 다큐를 보는데 이 가사는 정말 딱 지금 어느 나라 얘기 같네

CASE 4. Wes Anderson / Signatures

우리 모두가 웨스 앤더슨 영화를 절대 몰라볼 수 없는 이유 1. 중앙정렬 2. 탑뷰 3. 슬로우모션 4. 색감 5. 담배 6. 나레이션, FUTURA, 의상, 단체샷, 괴짜 커플, 손 편지, 가상의 책 등등등

The Grand Budapest Hotel : Amazing Backstories

The Amazing Backstories Behind 10 Memorable Props By by Ashley Hoffman So you’ve had the weekend to escape into another Wes Anderson-ian fantasy by watching The Grand Budapest Hotel. You’ve commissioned a Boy With Applepainting… Continue reading